Approach to Food Safety

In 2008, Kanedai acquired ISO22000 whitch was established in 2005 as food safety management system. Since then, We have addressed the issue of food safety.
In our system, We also adopt HACCP to analyze hazards and maximize food safety.
We also acquired JFA(Japan Fisheries Association)HACCP, Miyagi food safety self-management certification and Kesennuma HACCP. Every individual employee of Kanedai is involved in food business with considerable concern to quality and sanitary control.

What is ISO22000?

The ISO 22000 international standard specifies the requirements for a food safety management system that involves interactive communication, system management, prerequisite programs and HACCP principles.

What is HACCP?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety and pharmaceutical safety that addresses physical, chemical, and biological hazards as a means of prevention rather than finished product inspection.

Difference between HACCP and previous management.

Quality Assurance Division

As food processing maker, we accept current food safety issues with sincerity.
Our Quality Assurance Division is taking tours of factories to make management and guidance from quality and sanitary control
standpoint. We observe relevant legal provision and strive to enhance communication with customers and relevant organizations in order
to collect the latest information.
To deliver secure and safe products, we perform a variety of tests centers around bacteriological examination. We only use materials
which meet our standards and make shipment products pass the product test.


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